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Informanagement Legal is the number one content provider for solicitors and law firms. We help to improve client relationships by delivering customisable content to the right people, at the right time.

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How to successfully implement content marketing strategies for law firms?

Our experienced team of editors specialise in curating reliable and factual industry-specific content. By outsourcing this task, we reduce your workload and minimise the costs that come with managing an in-house team.

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We maintain an extensive database that is regularly updated with relevant news and insights, covering various areas of law, including Family Law, Property Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Immigration Law, Private Client and HRM/employment Law. In addition to the content provided by us, you can also incorporate your own content, and we offer competitive rates for creating customised articles that address specific topics relevant to your firm.

In summary, entrusting your content marketing needs to our editorial team will save you precious time and money. Our goal is to help you establish a strong online presence, attract and retain clients and establish your firm as a reputable authority in your field.

The Informanagement platform is both automated and adaptable.

By generating an information profile tailored to specific categories, we provide a personalised experience. Thanks to our proprietary system, which includes selection filters, our platform is highly customisable to suit your needs.

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Every week, Informanagement Legal compiles, organises and refines relevant information pertaining to your industry. These publications are composed of easily comprehensible summaries with accompanying source materials.

External news service

It’s time consuming to keep all clients informed about new developments within your legal practice. Our external news service means we can tailor-make content to deliver interesting new items, keeping your services at the top of your client’s minds.

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We offer personalised monthly newsletters in your specific style that will be sent automatically for you. We can also keep your website and social media accounts up-to-date as well. In case you want to send your own mailing, we can take care of the design and layout according to your brand’s identity and with a single click, everything you want will be sent.

Internal news service

Of course, your employees must be aware of the developments in their field and be informed about the content your clients receive. Informanagement Legal keeps your employees up to date. No deluge of information, but tailor-made professional literature.

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Our team collects, organises and refines relevant information on a weekly basis to create publications that include summaries along with accompanying source documents. Let us help you cultivate a well-informed, proactive team that delivers exceptional service to your clients.

How can content marketing benefit your organisation?

  • Newsfeed, social media and more
  • Newsletters for clients and employees
  • Completely unburdened with external and internal communication
  • Fully bespoke designed 
  • A fixed amount per month
  • Excellent help desk

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